Wow Cubase 9 The best Cubase ever!!

I was a little skeptic about Cubase Pro 9 but after install it and configure some things,I’m happy to say that this is the best Cubase ever!.

Rock solid.
The Plug in sentinel is fantastic.It showed me pretty old and useless plug ins and even lost automap files that should be removed years ago.
My favorite 32 bits plugs work flawlessly with JBridge 1.74.

Once it scan the plugs the next time Cubase starts almost immediately.
Love all the new features.

Great work Steny!

You’re in the minority it seems. I’m gonna wait one more day before upgrading, but it all depends on how many reviews like yours pop up in that time frame. We’ll see :slight_smile:.

The Sentinel works very well. All good so far.

After nearly a full day of use, I LOVE it!
I am new to using forums and I may be wrong but it appears that folks seem to want to use forums mostly for complaints or venting. For reviews I’d look outside of the forum :wink:
Personally, on Windows 10 / PC the stability seems rock solid and the workflow improvements have been a great help to me on my work today. Thumps up!

So far, it’s all good here as well!
Looks nice, sounds good, snappy UI, and my 2 beloved 32bit plugs work great with jBridge!

Let’s rock!

After the first evening of use it seems rock solid on Mac Os Sierra aswell. Really happy regarding stability so far because C8.5 Crashed all the time on Sierra for me. Only question mark I have is the performance of VSTi that is activated for live performance.seemed to use alot more cpu than before but that can be issues with the particular plugins. Have to investigate that because I have not seen others complaining about that.
Overall very happy with the upgrade, so far. I hope 9 will be as stable as 6.5 was and I had a really good start so I’m hopeful :slight_smile:

Same experience here, everything is snappier and super responsive. I LOVE the new GUI especially the dock, docked transport and new shortcuts to go with it. Cubase is a solid program that is now also a joy to use. The complaints that dominate this board are ridonculous. If you can’t make great music with this app, you’re making excuses…

I am sure we are in fact the silent Majority. Upgrade went as smooth as silk the only thing that I had to do to register Pro 9 was uninstall eLicenser and reinstall latest version.

Pro 9 starts up super quick compared to 8.5.20. I have one large monitor so for me it is a major plus. Price just not sure where some people come from I reckon Maximiser on its own is worth the upgrade price and no I am not rich. Just used Maximiser on an acoustic guitar track and it is superb.

Looks great, runs great and certainly the best Cubase yet. Thank you Steinberg, way to go.

Good to see some positive posts here.

How is the CPU use compared to 8.5 for all of you? And also, for those on Mac, are you still experiencing the GUI sluggishness on zooming, etc., that many have been complaining about?

I am on the bottom limit with only 4 Gb of RAM running on Windows 10. Cubase Pro 8.5.20 would be oh so slow in starting almost with a grunt! LOL. 9 Loads up in seconds which is a vast improvement, best Cubase yet IMHO. CPU cannot give you figures but quicker and slicker it is.

Here everything works perfect!

I7 16Gb RAM - Win10 64bit - Cubase 9.01 - UADs - Soundtoys - Eventide - Fabfilter - Spectrasonics - Addictive Drums2! We´re just testing a production with 60 Audio Tracks, some VSTi, 10 FX-Channel, about 20 Groups and a lot pluggies … and it seems more stable than 8.5.20.

Izotope vst2 got blacklisted, but the vst3 work!

like it so far - nearly threw a wobbly becos of the sentinel thingy blacklisting some essential plugs, but came to realise it actually helped in getting rid of plugs and forced me to organise my folders - proper home cleaning that i have put off for years.

recovered a few gig in HD space too!

Everything is fine here. Running better than 8.5. Only one of my plugins was sent to blacklist: PSP audioware triple meter. I don’t know why (It is a 64 bits plugin, and all the other PSP plugs are fine).

I really wasn’t expecting to upgrade today, but I went and spontaneously took the plunge for some mad, impatient reason.
I then half expected to have a complete nightmare reading all the posts on here and on Facebook.
I’ve got to be honest though, other than the update file taking ages to download from the Steinberg website, the whole process has been pretty easy going.
All my 64 bit plugs and instruments were loaded. All my UAD, Waves, Arturia etc, no problem. Even Drumagog 5, which didn’t show up in 8.5 is there.
It didn’t remember my project templates, but I just copied them over from the 8.5 folder.
I also had to set up my cue headphone mixes in Control room again, but again, it wasn’t too bad, I just copied over from my 8.5 setup.
I’ve loaded up a few older sessions and even everything sounds good and seems to work as it should, the new features look nice and the mix history /undo is a great new feature.
Everything seems nice and snappy and there’s no crashes when closing a session.
Early days, but all looking great so far.

Same here! I would not have predicted that, as they are 64bit plugs. Steinberg reps, can you shed some light on that please?

I also want to chip in that the entire download, install, and authorization process went as smooth as butter, not one hitch in my giddyap. And this was adding the complexity of a Grace Period set of procedures (i.e., having to install and authorize Cubase 8.5 first).

I haven’t used Cubase 9 yet, so can’t comment on that! There was a problem with a HOFA plug, which I documented in a separate thread. I had feared much worse, very relieved.

Nope… From what i’m seeing, those that upgraded, are loving it. The only hate i’m seeing is from those who haven’t tried it yet and a few who haven’t grasped the point of Sentinal yet. Sentinal even fixed my Cubase 8.5. Now i can jump through projects all night with out a load crash, which was annoying as hardware would need reseting. Even if I was to get a load crash, the new way USB works, no need to reset. I’ve never known Cubase to be as stable.

A few things I’d like to see changed with the lower and upper bar but this IS the best Cubase ever. Some graphical choices could have been better too.

The maximiser and limiter could have been a lot smaller. They could of even used the same display.

iZotope VST 2.4 isn’t blacklisted, check again. I’ve said it in a few threads now, delete the named iZ from your VST folder, keep the named iZotope (these are the 2.4). There was no need for the MPB2 to install so many different versions of the same thing, we didn’t even get a choice in the installer, unlike MPB1. I was furious when I installed MPB2, I couldn’t tell which was which to delete after. Thanks to Sentinal, it’s now an easy fix.

Besides mixer undo, there’s really nothing I personally “need” in Cubase 9, which is why I’m probably gonna sit this one out. That said, I’m glad to hear that Cubase 9 is working well for you guys. I never had a problem with Cubase 8.5 myself, so even the Sentinel feature is just an extra for me. Stability was never an issue for me. It’s workflow that I value the most and where I think Cubase is lagging behind compared to the competition.

They got rid of the pop ups!!
quick to get used to for me -seems quite a smooth workflow so far was a bit sceptical, but it seems nicer

The best Cubase ever?