WOW! Dorico DOES Engrave without serious editing!

I entered a vocal/piano score and in the “Write Tab” it looks well…not good.

Then, without going via the “Engraving Tab”, I went straight to the “PrintTab” and check for yourself:

to be continued in my next post…

Here is one more beatiful page…

Any idea how I can get this last bar on the previous page without squashing the music thus spoiling Dorico’s beautifully engraving algorim?

Thanks Guys!

It happens, because Dorico doesn’t adjust vertical staff spacing in galley view. (a little handle for quick individual tweaks would be very welcome, actually) If you switch the view to “page view” in write mode (bottom right), you will see how Dorico adjusts vertical spacing which can then be further tweaked in Engrave mode.

Well, since there isn’t much room for further contraction, maybe it helps to narrow the page margins a bit until Dorico has enough space.

Ooook!!! Let me hit the “Help PDF” to learn how to do this. THIS one should be easy to find.:slight_smile:

Thanks, my friend…I hope it “pulls” in that last bar.

Still, my S & F friends can not believe it when I emailed them this music and told them that I TRULY did NO editing AT ALL! Dorico did it all by ITSELF!

So, Daniel and team…engraving is fine for a while IMHO…how about putting in those 3 MIDI lines/curves in PLAY mode…ie…Velocity, Volume, Panning and repeat playback. THEN Dorico will be ready for the next paid upgrade! :wink: Almost there.

From V 2.0 comes all the “nice” goodies! Dorico’s essentials (basic as advertised as gold standard ie Engraving AND Audio) is then done for V1…Yes?