WoW how cheap ,you can not be serious ?

WoW how cheap ,you can not be serious ?

ive just been doing some nosing around on tinternet and found this which gives me a mixed reaction ,

1 absolutly over the moon that i managed to find a brand new CI2+ £100 cheaper including postage which means the purchase price was £130 ,shocked ,over happy ,need to change my nappy as ive got too excited and of course the celelibratry bottle of captain mogan aaahhh hhhaaaaaa me hearty …

2 absolutly gutted that this here little island wants to rip us off buy charging an extra 100 note .this co6ntry stinks .

ohh here’s the link lol i nearly forgot

have nice day yoooooolllllllll woop woop pting !

Import duty 2.5% VAT %20 and probably a UK handling charge.

Been hit with that before…

Plus returning faulty stuff to the USA is a PITA

uumm i hope not split,i haven’t had any tax or duty on stuff before my friend ,even quite heavy stuff and the seller has over 5000 and all 100% so fingers and thumbs ,toe’s ,legs,arms and ears crossed :wink: :wink: :wink:

aahhh and the 8% discount has just finished but its still a dam sight cheaper then over here .

I hope not too, It’s a bit of a lottery as to what gets pulled, but both times I’ve bought (admittedly expensive £700) stuff from outside the EU, I got hit by Customs :imp:

Maybe we should get the US to join the EU. :open_mouth:

Well we may yet see the breakup of the USA with California first to “go it alone” The feeling of why should the rich bail out the poor (states) being a major driving force!

Just so I understand you correctly… you DO know that California is the most broke state in the Union, right? Followed by my own state, Illinois :laughing:

I think the import limit for non-taxable goods is about $25/£18 excluding postage. They were trying to get it raised to £100 but I lost track of whether that actually happened.
In practice I’d say they don’t check everything and, like illegal people, most gets through without charge.
On my own experience it works out to about 25% gets caught for tax.

You could ask the seller to mark the pack as a gift but that does seem to have been sussed.

also be aware that it might get delivered then a month or so latter you’ll get a bill, I’ve had that happen. I’ve been hit by duty on most things I’ve bought from outside the EU.


Oh! Yes. If the courier collects the tax etc. then they slap on their admin charge too.

Ok, New Hampshire then :stuck_out_tongue:

Well as it stands it’s only a theory :laughing: