Wow...I don't know what I'm doing (New User)

Well, consider me totally overwhelmed.

Long-time user of Dorico, decided to explore Cubase for the high-quality DAW and for making audio mock-ups. I exported the file from Dorico, uploaded to Cubase, and now I’m totally lost. I’ve looked at tutorials but so much of it is over my head since I’ve never used a DAW before.

Cubase Elements 9.5
Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra
ARIA Player
Garritan Personal Orchestra 5

I think I’ve added the ARIA players correctly (two instances) and assigned the channels of each instrument, but I can’t get playback and I can’t figure out how to tell Cubase which instance of ARIA an instrument should use (in other words, Flute 1 and Trombone 1 are both Channel 1, but the Flute should be in ARIA 1 and the Trombone should be in ARIA 2).

Once I get playback, I think I can figure the rest out in terms of improving the quality and everything, but for now I’m totally stuck.

If attaching the file would be helpful, let me know and I can do so (not currently at my computer). In the mean-time, I’d appreciate any tips/tricks/thoughts, especially regarding getting ARIA and GPO5 to work with Cubase.


I presume you’re importing MusicXML into Cubase.

Have a look at the GPO instance in Dorico, and reproduce it exactly in Cubase. (You might be able to save a new Ensemble in GPO that you can access in Cubase, but I don’t know if they share the same presets or not.)

Then, for each staff in Dorico, set up a midi track in Cubase, each assigned to its own channel.

This should get you started.