WOW ... Lights on!


Speechless and breathelss.


Kind of thing!


Cheers Glyn! The new world awaits!

Yeah, Glyn, damn it! Whatever you’re target practicing you need to shape up, because it doesn’t look very promising! :smiley:

Anyway, nice to see you survived!

I like it so far. Hopefully they will give you the ability to change themes though. Nice ta see ya’ll!

Mornin’, Sunshine

Hi Glyn

Very cool. Lol, I accidentally deleted my profile in my steinberg, don’t know what I was thinking, and cuuldn’t use Sound Drifter once I set it back up, so, here I am! Different name, but still the same!

Hey, where it the fridge? I have some bubbly to keep cold.

Howdy Glyn! :wave:

Hello Glyn and Everyone! Cool Digs. May concider powering down the lights a tad so we can power up the lava lamp though. :ugeek:

Hi Glyn :wave:

Is this all the smilies we get ?? :open_mouth:

Hi All

I wouldn’t mind it being a bit darker.
Glad to see Hippo’s back in.

I just noticed that IMG is enabled! … Let’s just test it!

Previewed and YAAY.

HAHHHH … howsabout this … SCREENSHOT-BASED Cubase tutorials … explaining bits and bobs … HMMMMMM

Heck … this is ‘just’ a change from one message board to another, but I’m feeling discombobulated.

There’s going to be interesting chemistries … like … already, Nuendo people are expressing upset that they cannot post on the Cubase forums.

Thomas, for example … he’s just missing being able to come along and say Hi.
Vocalpoint. I think it is, is miffed that he, a high paying Nuendo user, is barred from visiting with his less well endowed siblings.

Fact is, our ‘forums’ are very close together … and THREE private lounges, with ONE public area which is officially for the outside world to come along and, I suppose, ask questions about the products. … wow … I’m looking forward to the next few weeks.


So images now (thanks for pointing this out Glyn), this is way better, thanks Steiny!

This will definitely improve problem reporting… :wink:

I too agree that Nuendo users should be able to post in the Cubase Lounge… after all, this is the real world down here! :laughing: They were great contributors before. :confused:

Just a note…I think there’s a typo in the link of your sig…

Yeah. I’m going to woo(r) :laughing:

lol. Thanks guys. Corrected it! :slight_smile:

I could have spelled it worse. Thankfully only one letter was off.

I already miss SoundTroller!

I had it in my alias list, but I don’t want anyone to remember me trolling around. Fresh slate ya know

Hi Glyn/everyone :slight_smile:

I agree, Lights ‘are’ on, a dimmer swtich wouldnt go a miss! :slight_smile:

Going to take awhile getting used to things here, but im sure its all gunna be good!


Mornign Zenda - how’s things :slight_smile:

Eh Paul … Good Morning … good to see you. I’m going to give you a shout on facebook :slight_smile:

All the best