Wow! Multitrack variAudio in 10.0.4

Am I imagining things? VariAudio in the latest version seems to have been enhanced - or did I just not notice it in the previous versions? :laughing: [possible, as I upgraded from Cubase 8]

I hadn’t noticed the colorise by pitch and event function.

And I can now select multiple events on different tracks and pitch-correct them at the same time - mind blown! I used to have to select each part one at a time and try to move them all the same amount by looking at the current pitch readout.

You can see in this gif, I have a vocal mic plus 2 room mics parts in the editor window, I shift/lasso a phrase, and all 3 parts are selected and moved together, I swear I couldn’t do this before :wink: Very cool!


This is part of any Cubase 10.0.x version.

oh this is what this was for… I was trying to edit audio and tempo beat alignment in this non-active-layer-only mode and it wasn’t doing anything.

Aha! There ya go, I hadn’t noticed, just assumed it worked the same as in cubase 8 :wink: Very happy to discover this capability :slight_smile: