WOW!! That was quick!!

I’ve just experienced some unbelievable German efficiency. A few weeks ago I ordered a Native Instruments product during that 1/2 price sale they a wee while back. I was just wondering yesterday when the package might arrive when I received an email that very same day - a dispatch notice. Well, maybe they’ve been busy with pre-Xmas orders and it’s taken a couple of weeks or so to finally get round to processing my order, dunno - anyway it seems the email was simply a courtesy to let me know the package had just been dispatched and was now on it’s way down to my side of the planet. Well, bugger me… 2 hours later I check my letter box and there it was… a package all the way from Germany! :open_mouth: Man THAT was quick!! - Germany to New Zealand in two hours! Fantastic!


Bloody amazing!

Hypersonic post!!!

Thats about 5750 MPH

Probably delivered by this thing…

Probably NOT delivered by this thing…


even more amazing when one considers that you live in the furthest outpost of civilization in the world. I mean that as a compliment, actually

Actually… I think THE most remote ‘civilization’ is in fact Perth in Western Australia. :sunglasses:

From what I gather, Goodacre is in NZ right now… I can’t imagine what the flight from London to NZ is like

Most of the flights from Europe to the western Pacific go through Asia- Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong etc. The flights from Oz or NZ to Singapore or Honkers aren’t so bad- it’s the 14 hours from Singapore to London that always ruins me.

OK- so given that people in New Zealand refer to Australia as the West Island, does Ian consider Perth to be in West West Island??? :confused:


I thought he was heading back home to OZ though I think he has some faimly/relatives here. And in fact speaking of OZ, Rokgeetar (Neil) was heading there too…

Yep. Tim and Neil are both in OZ at the moment.