Wow, the C6 synths

6 Feckin synths!!!
Hours of fun there. Been dabbling with em the last few days. Crikey, I might even get to like MIDI :laughing:

Just doing a mix for some kids out in the States which has given me a chance to take a look at the features. The eq is awesome, dunno if there are any presets, I certainly won’t need em, just click and drag til it sounds right :smiley: Only dabbled a little with the multi-band compressor but the presets are a good place to start, then tweak accordingly :sunglasses:

One or two quirky things, the track colours are on by default. I’d have liked those off, easily remedied though.

When I started the program this morning, the master volume was set to zero, dunno why it did that, it was fine yesterday…

Adding tracks and group tracks this morning also caused a few problems, the scroll bar had disappeared behind something and took a while before I could get it back. Bit of a nuisance but sorted out, no problem.

I might move all my SX3 mixes over to C6 if it’s gonna be this easy to use :sunglasses:

Another quirky thing is I started up SX3 yesterday despite having no SX3 dongle in the machine, must have read the C6 dongle (only has C6 on it) and thought it was OK and ran perfectly. I’m fine with it but do Steinberg know about that?

Have a good weekend folks :sunglasses:

That’s how it’s supposed to work Phil.

Glad to see you like C6 so far :thumbu:

Doh, redundant dongle :cry:

Not really, you have a spare now, and you may need one given how your computer & things fly of the table occasionally :laughing: