WOW! Wavelab 8 has raised the bar... AWESOME!

I just bought the update and I have been messing with it… So far, my opinion is that his update is amazing!!! The layout and design are so much more intuitive now. The new plugins sound excellent. The meters are great… I am excited to start working on projects in V8!

I just wanted to say you have done an amazing job PG! Thanks for a great product! :slight_smile:

Thanks :wink:


thanks for your positive comments!


+1 just upgraded from 7, Job well done!

Yep I agree, Wavelab 8 really feels much better, and some things are already very familiar after only two days of use - the transport bar for instance. Good work!

And another +1.

The whole app feels snappier, faster, and simply looks better.
The metering is great and the peak files seem to get deleted after closing a file- which was a previous bug that I’m thrilled to see squashed.

The manual has already helped me use WL8 even faster than ever and so overall.

Two thumbs (or pints !) up!

Cheers- well done.

My Favorite so far (Haven’t explored all yet)

  • Master FX tab (+1000) saved with montage.
  • Record window - Red on record, After recording, move cursor to the end (in options)
  • Zoom (able to add custom key commands)
  • Transport bar - Time display ( I wish milliseconds would always be 3 digits instead of expanding/contracting )
  • Many GUI enhancements - Better contrast on selections, display original wav ruler, text on clips and CD window.
  • Modified and unsaved montage tabs turn red. Yellow when saved.
  • Blinking “Play through master section” icon flashes when bypassed
  • Many details throughout.

Definitely a lot of work has been put in this update.

Great work PG! :smiley:

Transport bar - Time display ( I wish milliseconds would always be 3 digits instead of expanding/contracting )

I agree for the 3 digits.
BTW, did you see the dedicated Time Code window? It has been much enhanced.

WOW ! Very much enhanced.

  • Always 3 digits in milliseconds +1
  • display recorded time in big numbers
  • Clip start - it shows you the selected clip playing time name in the time window.
    (This is great when 2 people are taking notes on a song at specific song time and not from beginning of montage)
  • CD track start
  • Custom color for the different meters
    Great enhancement.

Thanks PG!

I just upgraded as well … really like it a lot!

Metering is great (it always was but this is very nice).

Congrats PG!