WOW! what? cubase 12 pro just crashed

Cubase 64bit 2023.2.19 (1.8 MB)

Thanks for reporting! I resolved and passed the crash on to the developers (HALLY-9998), the crash happened in HALion Sonic 3.4.40 … I see a strange samplerate value, have you had any issues with the audio interface / changed sample rate before the crash happened?

I change the sample rate from 48 to 44.1.? is that not allowed? While using Halion sonic?
I used to change sample rates. It never used to happen before. I think there’s some issue with cubase 12.

The reason I was changing to a lower sample rate was the hit point detection system or tempo detect does not work correctly at 48Khz.

I think you actually found a bug and Joerg asks only some additional info in order to make it easier to fix it.

On a side note: Steinberg released the successor to Halion Sonic 3 a few days ago - Halion Sonic 7. It is a free download.

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I have no issues with the audio interface at all. I’m using SSL2 with latest drivers for windows 11 it’s been working for many years with the older version of cubase. 10,11 … etc…


HS7 downloaded and installed but the other the content just says waiting?

That was really odd. I had to restart the program, to get the download going.

but then I got this?

I did not say there is anything wrong with your audio interface, good to know there isn’t! My comment was only related to the crash in HALion Sonic, there might be a bug related to sample rate change, in fact a wild guess based only on the information the crash dump provided.

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Do you have the license for the Collection? Cause this is a different product than just the free Halio Sonic 7 (left of it).

A license is not needed to download anything, and has no effect on that.

@MusicalExperiments Amad, you should restart your machine before continuing (in case you have not)

I am…

I did not want to help with the download only to find out afterwards that it is the wrong product.

this topic has been answered by a Steinberg developer, so I’ll close it for the time being. (of course developers can reopen it)