Wow - what happened to external instruements? they're tight!

Anybody noticed that midi --> external instruments are tight an in sync all of a sudden? Something’s been fixed :smiling_imp:


It was like the latency of the audio driver wasn’t taken correctly into account before. It seems to rock now?

Naaaaaaa…I hoped too soon. External instruments still run out of sync along with increased buffer size. What a shame :imp:

You might use the Track Delay to compensate timing issues. You can put it on a negative value to make them start earlier, without having to move your regions.

Hope this helps.
All the best.


Yeah, I know I can nudge parts and the track I just don’t understand why the external instruments get delayed relative to the latency being increased?

Perhaps anyone from Steinberg can chime in and explain why delay compensation doesn’t work on external instruments?

Probably because they have to pass the input AND the output of the sound card. So there will be latency for Ins and Outs summed, which might explain the delay. Just a guess…



I do not have external instuments, so I may be missing the point here!

But, how can Cubase know how much to compensate for? VST(i)s can be interrogated for their delay. However, for external hardware, Cubase would have to be explicitly told.

External instruments are only supported via VST3, as in motif xs.