Hi Folks,

have my update just for a few days, and i must say, i am very impressed!
Halion SE > Great!
Track Comping > Great!
Tempo detection > Great!
New Look > I like!
Mediabay > Finally usefull ( since 5.5…)

I did not look at all the new features yet, but hey, it looks all very good!
Best of all, it seems to be really stable on my system here.
This is the update i was waiting and hoping for, and Steinberg delivered!

Just wanted to share this.


Agreed - great upgrade here as well.




I’m just back from a long session in a study using Logic 9, I know it very well in use.
Cubase wins without comparison!
Cubase 6, today, is at a very high level.

Aloha guys and

+1 for sure.

C6 so far opens flawlessly every C5 file that I have thrown at it.
I’ll be using it for the first time in a live setting thru this weekend.
I’m looking forward to it.


Being doing a bit of multi track drum editing this morning and I love it, beat detection amazing, quantise panel great.

So… WOW indeed :smiley:

Being doing a bit of multi track drum editing this morning

Some people jog in the morning, come to work and say: “I did some jogging this morning”.

Cubase 6 users do now multi track editing :slight_smile:




cubase is gettin so good it’s silly…

still need range tool in mediabay though…like as soon as possible!

oh yeah and multi-out instrument tracks…


and… :mrgreen:


mmm, yes, very nice=)


Steinberg has entered a golden age - they can do nothing wrong for me.

… and an update to Cubase 5 when 6 is out - class act.

Just bought Wavelab 7 which is fantastic.

C6 looks stunning feature wise - I just ordered my up-date.

Ultimately in my rig, Cubase runs more plugins, VI’s and lowest latency RME hardware than anyone else - the fact they invented VST technology has finally won the day. Steinberg had the vision of a virtual studio and now with 64 bit computing that day has arrived.

I jumped ship when Apple bought Emagic out - before that, I had been a Logic fan boy and never considered anything else - but as I wanted to stay on PC I bought a copy of Cubase 4 to try out and have never looked back since. Thanks Apple :slight_smile:

If Steinberg add VCA style groups to Cubase 6.5/7 I will name my new pet dog - Cubendo.

Steinberg +1



well its nice to see some enthusiasm anyway.

Loving c6!


Cubase 6 is working splendidly here.


My same story. Me with Cubase SX 2.0

same here: took the Logic -> Cubase SX 1 crossgrade offer from Steinberg (smart move SB!), but continued to use Logic, just couldn’t get used to Cubase. It wasn’t until the arrival of C4 (and a new PC) that I finally gave up Logic. Biggest problem for me was: how do you work without the Logic Environment? These days I’m thinking: the Environment? What was that again?

And yes: I think C6 is great, even more so when compared to Logic 1.8 :slight_smile:

1st night. 3 hour gig. C6 perfect.


Besides audio restoration what can wavelab do that cubase 6 cant? im just wondering… take care!

For example: with Wavelab you can edit one side of the stereo wav signal…
That should be also introduced in cubase - this is very important for audio editing!

Timestretch i now know is very very good.

been using it last 2 days. Whole new avenues of material just suddenly evolved.

The more of C6 i get into, the more massive each stride forward seems.

Also i must point out the negative complaining is all but silenced. Where are they??? gotta say a lot…