I was scoping ALL Steinberg’s folders (EVERYWHERE ON MT PC), in order to find the XML file that define the “Ensemble Players” (I wanted to change 4431 for brass to 2231), I went through literally hundreds of files looking for it.

Notwithstanding the fact that I did not find that elusive file, I noticed the amount of work that went into Dorico so far. Goodness…all the typing for just the XML files alone, Add to dictionary the actual coding etc. WOW! You guys at Steinberg MUST sleep in sections. You have done an incredible amount of work so far! Makes me feel like I’m lazy!

Thanks for your tiring affords guys. I know we moan at times, but I just saw with my own eyes what you have done so far in hundreds of files. Please don’t tire. We need you.

Thanks, I appreciate your work.
Hans :sunglasses: