Wrap remainder!

Hey there,

I have just moved from FL Studio to Cubase. GOOD IDEA!

But I want to make .OGG files that loop seamlessly.

In FL Studio, there’s a great function when you export, you check the box “Wrap remainder” and then all of the reverbs and stuff you would hear at the end of the track, it plays them at the start, making a very effective loop.

Does this function exist in some form in Cubase? If not is there a way I can make music that can loop round and round seamlessly without fading in and out slightly?

(I do have one thought that might work - create the music with individual reverbs for each instrument in Cubase, export as an audio file and then import that into FL Studio, add a further reverb to the entire track and select the “Wrap remainder” option when exporting. Might work - but is there a simpler solution within Cubase itself?)

Thats a nice feature - no cubase doesn’t have it.

I’d manually copy and paste the loop within cubase and then export the 2nd loop so you’ll have the reverb etc from the original in the export.


That’s a shame, I think it’d be good for it to be added.

But of course! So simple! Thanks :smiley: In theory that should work perfectly, I’ll just double check a few times to make sure nothing weird happens. Cheers!

I tried it and it doesn’t work, because Cubase doesn’t seem to include the reverbs of anything that wasn’t in the export selection.Whilst I could probably export the whole track duplicated and then split it up with a program like Audacity, seems like a lot of effort to go to.

You’d need to repeat the loop once. Then export the original event and the repeated event using Edit / Render in Place (as separate events, complete sigal path). When complete, use the second event for looping.

Instead of Exporting - Create an audio track, select no buss as your output, select stereo out as your in and record both loops onto that audio track. Chop off the first loop and export the 2nd.

Thanks, that’s an excellent solution! :smiley: I’ll have to upgrade to Pro though … which I wanted to do anyway. Cheers!

Ah, the magic of transforming “want” into “need to.”