Wrap Toolbar in Cubase possible?

Hi there,
is it possible to wrap around the toolbar, so it shows the missing quantize options in a second line underneath?
I’m putting the mixer besides the main window and now I can’t use all the toolbar functions without meddling with deleting other stuff in there.
Has anyone got any tipps or workarounds?
Thanks alot for help.
Otherwise, where can I post this as a feature request for upcoming cubase version?
Best regards

No, the Toolbar is only one line.

The reality is there are more potential items to put on the Toolbar than available space. I haven’t tried this, but I wonder if you can save different button configurations into different Workspaces. If so you could change what’s visible depending on what you are doing.

Since you added a feature request tag to your original post, this is it.

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This has been broken since Cubase 10, but I can only assume that the developers all have bigger screens and therefore it will never get fixed:

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Maybe it is possible to make it scrollable. So I can reach the other tools in that bar.
What strikes me is, that the mixer too is not scrollable with the mousewheel. Not even with the middle mouse button pressed, although there appears a “hand” mouse-icon. Bummer.