"Write" and "Print" mode contradicting


I`ve arranged for brass orchestra in Dorico 3.5. The bass trombone is written correctly in the bass clef in “Write” mode. But in “Print” mode it is shown in the violin clef. So I went back to “Write” mode and pulled the bass clef on the bass trombone system (which already had it, but I tried anyway). After this, the bass clef showed correctly in “Print” mode as well, but suddenly everything was shown an octave transposed up there. So I had to go back to “Write”, transpose everything an octave down, to have it correctly displayed in “Print”. But, of course, then it’s the wrong octave in “Write”.

It feels like a bug, but maybe there are some settings I don’t know about.


A. The instrument picker in Setup mode has two different Bass Trombone profiles. It sounds like you are using the second one, when you should be using the first. Select the existing Bass Trombone player in the left panel of Setup mode, then click the disclosure arrow to the right of the Bass Trombone instrument, then click Change Instrument. Find the correct bass trombone instrument and perform the change.

B. It sounds as though you’re looking at two different layouts. In Write mode the layout is selected from the dropdown menu at the centre of the top of the screen. In Print mode that dropdown is greyed out because it’s irrelevant - the left panel is where you need to select layouts.

Awesome. Thank you for the really quick answer!