Write arpeggiator automation?

Hey, I am wondering if it possible to write automation for other macro pages than Anima for switching the arpeggiator pattern?

For Anima it is possible (1-8, Anima Variation) but cant seem to find the possibility for other libraries such as Flux, even though it has the same arpeggiator engine.

I don’t think this is supposed to be possible for anything that uses the FlexPhraser (the arpeggiator). You’re supposed to assign the patterns that you plan to use to the pads to the left (you can drag and drop), then assign a trigger note. You can assign a group of notes to be used by default when you click “Use Default Trigger Notes” to the bottom left, so you don’t have to do assign them every time.

You’ll then be able to switch between the patterns by using the piano roll.