Write automation improvements

it would be a lot better to be able to have a button or macro for “add automation lane from last parameter touched” instead of having to:

  1. Enter write automation mode
  2. Hit play
  3. Touch parameter
  4. Exit write automation mode

I know some VSTs allow for right-clicking and making a lane from a parameter but this isn’t supported for all and if there’s already a list when you go into “other” for automation lanes it should be relatively simple to detect the parameter and auto add it or at least make it easier to detect what’s being tweaked for faster automation writing.


This depends on the plug-in vendor. This feature is part of VST3 standard. It’s up to the plug-in manufacturer to implement it or not. It’s not on Cubase side.

Right. That specific feature… but it doesn’t solve the issue that adding an automation lane takes several extra steps when it could be one and the data is already available and linked.


I got your point… Actually, I like the idea.

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Just following this up with a solution I found. I made a macro and mapped it to W in order to write automation. It toggles write automation for all tracks and then toggles start/stop (space) so all I have to do is hit W then click the parameter I want to automate and then hit W again. Hope this helps someone else.