write automation using knobs from my midi keyboard

Hi friends,

I have a problem, I want to be able to write automation when I move a knob of my keyboard. it is weird but I can’t do that. I’m doing the following:

1. My DAW is cubase 7, midi keyboard is M-audio axiom 49 running on windows 8 professional
2. I’m using NI massive and the midi learn feature to map the Macro 1 knob from my massive to my knob (cc 56 I guess)
3. It works fine, when I move the knob of my keyboard macro 1 from massive moves to
4. I enable the read/write automation from cubase track, and hit play, then I move my midi keyboard knob and expect to write some automation while it is playing, but NOTHING HAPPENS
5. Then I go back, hit play again but instead of using my midi keyboard, I move massive’s knob with my mouse and Voila, it works.

so I really dont understand this behavior since the midi keyboard is moving massive’s knob cubase should write this movement, or how does cubase it works ??

Thanks in advance and have a great day :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

When you turn on the Automation Write, are you using the Global Write?
It is important to realize that there are THREE different tracks that you can automate on.
You can automate on MIDI track, the Instrument itself, and the Instrument Output Channel.
Anyway, make sure you are selecting Write on the correct one, OR just turn on Global Write.

the way you would write automation for the routing you have chosen, is not by WRITE, but by RECORD…I’ll explain

when you assign a MIDI controller to a parameter INSIDE an instrument, the values change by MIDI and stay on that surface. For instance, try recording on your MIDI track and move the knob - you’ll notice that your newly recorded event has CC data inside it, and that CC refers not to the parameter being affected, but to the adress it’s recieving orders from (I.e. your controller)

the way to do what you want is simple
First, create QUICK CONTROLS in the Device Setup menu, and route your knobs to those controls.

now, go to your track, open the quick controls panel, and your Instrument window.
the quick controls panel has an L Button, which stands for LEARN.
when you click it and then click on one of the 8 slots, it means that’s the knob that you’re going to assign.
After you’ve clicked on a slot, choose the parameter you want to play with, you’ll notice its name (the paramter) appears in that slot.

First things first - TURN LEARN OFF, very important and headache saving.

now the Quick controls panel has it’s own R/W buttons, use them, press play, and watch your controller affect actual paramters with automation

Cheers :exclamation:

Both ways work. It is a question of whether you want the data saved in the MIDI part as controller data or on a “track” as automation data.

And, in fact there are TWO ways to save it as automation data. It can be saved as CC automation data or as direct automation data for the instrument parameter.
So, that is THREE total places the data can be stored…
In the MIDI part, on a CC automation lane, or on an instrument parameter automation lane.


Yes, I’ll definetly check that, thanks dude!

Hey folks

I am able to write CC as midi data when I hit record and move my knob, what I want is to write while playing on a new automation track, same thing you do when moving a plugin know with your mouse. I will look for the global write in the manual once I got home. Thanks!!

OK this might be a stupid question but how do I enable the Global Write? I searched on Cubase 7 manual and it is not there… well hope you can tell me,


It should be at the top of the track list. Looks like “[W]”. You can also get it on the Automation Panel.