write CC in editor creates new event block instead using current

Cubase Pro 9.5.10 Build 79

create an instrument lane
open the editor to see modulation controller lane.
hit record and record CC1

Problem: it’s not written in the current object. Instead a new event block is created.

Not shure if I miss a new preferences setting but I am not able to rewrite CCs in the current editor. Instead I have to glue the new events together.

Do you have to set the midi record mode to “merge”?

I knew I missed something. Where is this option located?

In the transport menu and elsewhere.

I’m a big proponent of reading the manual. One gains so much expertise doing that.

Now that the Cubase docs are online in a .help domain, they are indexed by the big search engines, I searched “midi merge mode cubase help” here are the results:


thanks for giving me a lecture in google - uncalled for.
Sometimes it is even hard to formulate a question in google to find a result of a problem.
I checked the manual of course. I did not find it fast enough. that’s why this forum is a great help.

Sorry, HorNet505. I didn’t mean to condescend or lecture you, but I see how it reads like that, especially the “one gains so much expertise” bit. :confused: :blush: My apologies. The main point was just that including the words “cubase help” now works for searching the manual online, whereas previously it didn’t.