Write Command in Edit Category

Somewhere along the way, Steinberg changed the W key from organizing window layouts to some function called “Write” in the Edit category. Does anybody know what this does? It does not enable automation writing on anything. I can’t figure out what it actually is for and I’m not finding anything about it in the manual or in my Google adventures. I feel like it must be pretty important to make an unmodified hotkey for whatever it does.

It does enable automation write mode on the selected track(s). It may not reflect the state until you start the transport and start wiggling stuff.

Nope, I just tried this. I hit W, then play and move volume fader. No automation recorded, no write button lit up. Hold W while moving fader, still nothing. It wouldn’t even make any sense for it to write automation without lighting the button. My hotkeys for global read and write work just fine. Many other hotkeys are working just fine. I see the assignment in the key commands window. It’s not making sense.

I just tried it and it did.

Are you in the mix console ?

It should work everywhere, really. Here only in the mixer, not in project view.

Okay, I could have sworn I tried from both the mix console and project window, but it appears you are correct. It will enable write on the selected track when you have the mix console in focus. It seems strange this doesn’t work the same on the selected track in the project window.

Since I got some hotkey pros in here now, any idea what Alt+E is supposed to do? Manual says “Expand/Reduce” but I have tried it on Media Bay menus, Folder Tracks, MIDI and Audio events, a few other places. I can’t figure out what that command is supposed to expand or reduce.

I’m not sure if you ever figured out what expand / reduce does? I was trying to figure it out myself and came across this thread. An idea came to me after mix console was mentioned up above and I discovered it expands/reduces the Routing/Inserts/EQ/Strip/Sends/VCA areas of the mix console.