Write DDP with External FX

Hello! Still fairly new to Wavelab.
I want to export the whole CD Montage and include the external FX that are assigned to all my clips. When I start exporting to DDP, no audio is being sent to my hardware. Thanks!

Making a DDP from a montage is usually a very fast process done in a couple of seconds. I don’t use external FX but I don’t think you can do what you want to do. The DDP creation process is all done inside the computer. FWIW

Ok, so to do what I want to do, I first need to render my files with the hardware FX, correct?
Thank you!

Yes that is correct.

I highly recommend locking in the digital and analog processing first, which can be done at higher sample rates and bit-depths than DDP supports.

Then, I would assemble a montage and render the DDP as needed. This way, you can render any and all master formats needed such as 24-bit WAV, 16-bit WAV, DDP, mp3 etc from a source montage that has all the digital and analog processing locked in.

I think rendering through external FX straight to DDP really paints you into a corner and plus, you probably want to inspect your external processing before committing it to a DDP, and if any small changes are needed to song spacing, titles, song order, etc, it’s easy to change in a post external FX montage vs. having to redo the external FX just for a small little change.

My two cents.