Write, Edit, Contextual menus


I’m getting into Dorico right now. How gratifying not to be welcomed by the usual 4/4 rhythm grid!

There are a couple things I would find nice for speeding entry.

a) Consolidate the Write > Create commands under a single Write > Create sub-menu. Having the “Create” word repeating is a bit clumsy, and makes the Write menu too long (and unbalanced compared to the other menus).

b) Have a different context-sensitive menu, depending on the current selection. If nothing is selected, the Create contextual menu could appear, and allow for creating something new. If something is selected, the Edit contextual menu could appear, with commands useful for the selected item.

Keep going the great work!


c) learn the keyboard shortcuts; assign extra ones for things you do on a daily basis; forget about using context menus at all. :wink:


I can’t see why. Keyboard shortcuts do not exclude the use of contextual menus.

I know there is not a general consensus on this, but there are different ways of working depending on the user. This is also the reason why this app includes keyboard shortcuts, menus, contextual menus.


I can see the value of b), but not of a).
The virtue of having a stack of “Create” items on the Write menu is that it’s actually one LESS step than going into a “Create” submenu. Or am I missing something?