Write in open style but notes grouped in a quarter

I want to write in open style:

but with notes grouped in quarter

What must I do?
I tried with shift +M and write instead of X something like 200/4 but not ok
And don’t want to do everytime : edit/beaming/Split Beam
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Why not just hide the 4/4 time signature and write in your X?


For the record, I’ve always felt there should be some options for default beaming behavior in open meter. I almost always want eighths beamed in smaller, more humane groupings.

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Thanks but don’t understand?!
I just want to write some music (like ideas) without barline witout meter …like on an empty page with staves
If I put 200/4
It gives:
Noboby can read this kind od things

BEst regards

For the moment the best workaround I found is to write all in 4/4 then whrn finished: double click on the 4/4 signature and write:
Then in engrave mode put sometimes some “insert system break” to avoid sometimes incoherence beaming at end of lines.
So I made a *.txt file with inside a 16x4x4 “1” inside so I can copy and paste it when needed.It represent a page of 16 systems of 4 measures of 4/4.

Perhaps another solution?

You can drag to select groups of note and use the “beam together” command. It’s not automatic but it will get you what you want. Also, don’t forget that dorico supports true open meter, so if the current behavior of trying to trick it into 4/4 isn’t working for you, you should probably just stick with true open meter and the do manual beaming.