Write mode arrow navigation glitch with Rehearsal marks

Dear Dorico devs,
I’ve been using the new arrow navigation in write mode with sheer joy since yesterday… and I noticed a little glitch on a former Dorico 2.2.10 file (maybe that’s the reason of the glitch, I’ll have to experiment on D3 files) : everything behaves as expected, but the rehearsal marks. If I select one, and press left or right arrow, on that one file, sometimes nothing happened (and I checked that there actually was a rehearsal mark before and another after my selection). This behavior is not consistent: some files behave as expected. Do you want me to send you the culprit file, or do you already know about those glitches?

Sure, I’d be interested to see the problem project. Please try to cut it down to a minimal case before you send it to me, e.g. try deleting all but one player, and delete all of the music except for the region before and after the troublesome rehearsal marks. Either attach it here or send it to me by email and I’ll take a look as soon as I can.

I’m having the same problem. In some projects the left/right arrows move between rehearsal marks, and some projects nothing happens. Did you find the glitch, or should I send you another culprit file?

I know what the problem is, though it’s not yet fixed. However, I’m reasonably sure we’ll have a fix for this in the next update.

This is great news. This is certainly a very effective way to navigate through a score!