write mode selection: tab key doesn't do anything

The release notes claim that tab and Shift-tab will select the next/previous bar line. Nothing happens when I press the tab key or the Shift-tab keys. Is there some keyboard preference that needs to be engaged to make this work?

Yes, same for me with a Swedeish keyboard.


I just remarked on the same thing and Daniel told me that if you’ve edited ANY of the keystrokes, a new preference file will have been written and Dorico won’t update it. My System Break and Frame Break shortcuts were still Cmd-Alt-S and Cmd-Alt-F instead of Shift-S and Shift-F because I’d changed some other keystrokes. I reset all of them under Preferences/Key Commands (and redid the ones I’d changed) and all of Dorico’s new function keys were available.

Bleh… So then what is the point of allowing one to edit shortcut keys. If I have to redo them each and every release, might as well adapt to what they want us to use.

Would you prefer each new update overwrote your custom changes? It is a delicate choice for the programmers.

Is there any (hidden) way to list all of the edited key commands? would make it easier to recreate them in the updated version. Adapting to Dorico’s standard key commands is unfortunately not possible for many non-english users.

Unfortunately not. You can list all of the current key commands via Help > Key Commands, but you can’t see which ones are different from the defaults.

No, of course not. But I don’t see any reason that a program can’t mark a preference as changed and then merge that with the new set.

The logic could get complicated …

  • Suppose version 1 defines standard short cuts A B C and D.
  • For some reason the user changes D to E, C to D, B to C, and A to B. (Doing the changes in that order won’t produce any warnings about overwriting existing shortcuts).
  • Now, version 2 defines a new short cut E (probably for something unrelated to A, B, C, and D) …

What is supposed to be “merged” with what? Whatever the answer is, it’s probably not what the user actually wants.

Mark each changed shortcut with a token in the file. Then when the program gets updated move the existing file to a temp file, create the new file. Then go and merge the temp file which has marked changes. It’s really not that hard. If there is a conflict, it can be noted at the time with a dialog. or whatever.