Write\read key commands for imported tracks


This is how it looks like:
I assign key command “Shift+W” for “Write automation for selected tracks”. Not for All, only for selected.
When I import one or several tracks from another project, write automation flag always changes for all these imported tracks when I press shift+k, even if they are not selected. But if I import a track archive it all works fine.

How to test:
0. Assign Key command

  1. Create new project. (Project 1)
  2. Add several tracks (midi or audio).
  3. Create track archive from these tracks.
  4. Save project.
  5. Create New project. (Project 2)
  6. Import track archive
  7. Test key command on these tracks. All works fine for me
  8. Import tracks from project (Project 1)
  9. Test. All write flags on these last imported tracks linked, and always respond to key command regardles of selection. Mouse click on W button works propertly as it should.

Cubase 8.5.30 x86\x64.
May be there are some other unwanted links between imported tracks from project, don’t khow. Only notice read\write property.
Is this happening in Cubase 9?