Write scale for impro in time signature

Hi there,
I have project in 7/4 meter and I would like to write the soloist a 9-tone scale for soloing.
In old handwritten Jazz-Sheets you would see just noteheads without stems.
I would I go about that?
I tried entering a 9/4 meter and hide the time signature and enter the scale as quarter-notes.
Unfortunately that moves all the notes in the score according to the new time signature, so that won’t work. If i add 2 beats more, than I have 2 quarter brakes in the end of every bar of all other instruments, which I don’t want, cause it’s actually still supposed to be 7/4.
Could I maybe write the scale as 8th notes, hide the stem and hide the remaining brakes? And if so, how?
That’s a thing I never could make work properly with any notation software, although in Jazz it’s a quite a common thing.
I open to any suggestions.
Thank you!

I entered 8th notes and hit in the stems in Engrave mode->Note property->hide stems.
Then I choose white color for the remaining brakes, which leaves some white spots on the notelines. Is there a way to just not display them? Couldn’t find anything.

Don’t use a time signature at all. Shift-M, “open.” Then you may put as many notes as you wish in any bar.

If other instruments need to maintain the 7/4 time signature, you could make the nine stemless (quarter) notes a hidden 9:7q tuplet.


That’s very elegant, thanks!