Write transformer data into the score editor

If the input transformer adds octaves above, below or transposes the existing midi one octave up or down, this midi data should be displayed to the score editor if the user wants that.

Are you referring to the Input Transformer in the ‘Basics’ tab (the top tab) of the Inspector? That does do what you describe- though it cannot add more notes, it can only transform or filter incoming midi.

Maybe you could say what you need to have happen exactly, and maybe someone could point you to the right tool?

Yes, I am.

Yes, that’s what I do.

To have the SOUNDING notes in written form in the full score I need to

  1. disable the transformer
  2. use the very same Logical Editor Preset, to permanently write down Midi data
  3. while also reviewing by hand if the transformer is turned on for every single event (because I use automation of the Midi insert)

The problem:
I use automation to turn on and off the transformer by automating Insert 1, 2, 3, 4 on many many tracks. If there would be a button that says “Write transformed Midi to the score” that would eliminate the task of reviewing the entire project again.

Maybe I could write a macro if it would be possible access the Midi Inserts from within the (Project) Logical Editor. That’s another thing that bothers me.

Sorry, I must not be understanding your question. The input transformer (which is not a midi insert) does transpose incoming midi in the way you describe above.

That’s so kind of you. I’m sorry that I mistakenly said “input transformer”. I now tried it as well with the input transformer.

When transposing this line here

The changes are not displayed in the sheet music.

Here are my settings, just in case you’re wondering:

Don’t forget to turn on Module 1 with the little power button in the tab. Easy one to miss there…

Your patience is outstanding. Thank you so much.

The input transformer changes the notes that I play live but not the notes that I recorded. The button is now turned on. I’m using Cubase 7.

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That’s correct, because only the live input can be modified by the input transformer. So for modifying material that already exists, you would use the Logical Editor.

If you haven’t already, play around with a couple of the included Logical Editor presets, and also note that these presets appear in the Key Commands dialog- you can create keystroke shortcuts for each of them.

Thank you very much Steve!