writing a cadenza: difficulties and reflections

I’m engraving a ‘cadenza’ (see the attached example) and I’m encountering some difficulties to reproduce the needed layout.

It seems there are two options:

  1. using default noteheads (not large)
  2. using grace notes

The first one is not viable. The notes are still too large.

Using grace notes, the size is ok but the spacing isn’t optimal.

There’s also a problem with the tie required to connect the first c with the 32th group.
If applied, in 1) the 32th group changes the note size to ‘large’.
In 2) tie isn’t allowed, being different ‘objects’.
This involves a laborious work-around with a slur.

So, it should be a great improvement to have a tie-option to override the default behaviour and allow connecting between different categories of objects/voices (tie between a 1st voice note to a 2th voice note, e.g., isn’t allowed, but this situation is often present in keyboard music).

Returning to the ‘cadenza’, is the solution to wait for the option to move the note horizontally or to change the note size in arbitrary way?

‘En passant’, slur that connects a grace note and a note higher seems to need some work to improve the default state.


testCadenza.zip (385 KB)

testCadenza.zip (575 KB)
I did work on you file…


To tie C and c, Select the first one, hold down cmd on Mac and select de second one,
press T.
Capture d'écran 2017-01-18 10.27.07.png
Of course grace c to the octave C do not work agree.
Force stem up on the octave C and force Slur below…
Capture d'écran 2017-01-18 10.33.15.png
hope to help a little !


Hi Alain,

thank you so much for your help!!


Hi Alain,

I tried your suggestion to select the first note and then, pressing ‘cmd’, the second one (first grace note) but it doesn’t work… no tie!


It does not work to use “T” for me either. Slur works but does not look good.

As a workaround, I would delete the first c grace note and just put a slur over the whole thing. But maybe that is not an option in your case if you are copying some source material.