Writing a cd on Wavelab Elements 9.5

Hi. I have upgraded to wavelab elements 9.5 tonight and cannot for the life of me write a track to a CD :angry: At one point I got the little cd button at the top left area of the page but before I attempted to write a cd I tried to get to the little cd button stage again but have failed and I am completely stumped now as can’t even get the cd button to appear. I’ve read the manual but haven’t got a clue how to do it. Wavelab 5 was a doddle compared to this. I’ve recently upgraded to cubase 9.5 pro from SX3 too and it is all amazing stuff but it’s taking some getting use to :unamused:

P.S I’ll need an idiots guide to doing it if you can help.

Ok. Just as I wrote this I right clicked on the track name/add to data cd/dvd/pressed the cd icon/chose the writer from the drop down menu…then bingo. Still don’t know how I got the cd button on the top left hand side though.

Doing it that way will make wav files on a Data CD, like a CD-ROM, which will play in some players, but won’t play in most CD players. If you want to make an Audio CD that will play in CD players, you need to create or open a montage with clips/soundfiles in it, and use the montage to burn the CD from the CD Window. The main difference between Elements compared to Pro for CD is that there are no CD Track markers in Elements. The clips serve as the CD Tracks when burned to CD.



Thanks for that. Can’t see the wood for the trees springs to mind. Great help.