Writing automation behavior not working - unless automation nodes after

Read a note just now that Touch mode did not return to value before touching.

This works though, if there are nodes after, somewhere on automation track.

Free from nodes after - rest of automation always gets last value of fader, not the one automation had in that point before started last touch.
Value before starting touching is initial value - and should be returned to, after touch is released.
Assuming touch released is when a fader is released by mouse.

I also tested on an automation ramp - previous value on release point of mouse - is value returned to.

From manual:
“When no automation data exists for a particular parameter, the starting point of an
automation pass is saved as the initial value. When you punch out of the automation pass, it
is this initial value to which the parameter will return.”

This report also related:

Fill loop also not working unless nodes after.

So seems in general overlooked regarding if nodes exist after or not - and something that needs attention from devs.

Workaround for both mentioned above are - just click to enter a node at the far right somewhere - then anything you do earlier will behave as expected.

Same behavior here on both points (touch and fill loop). These need to be fixed. I hate having to put a automation point at the start and end.

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