Writing automation data inside events

I think that the track automation as we can see it today is strongly based on the past where analog consoles and tape machines where the kings and where events and clips did not exist.

Today we are dealing with audio clips and events, we can put many events on each track, move them on the tracks and move them between tracks as well as importing them inside other projects.

In this regard i think that it would be interesting to write level automation data (and perhaps other automation data like event PAN and EQ) directly inside events. This is partially implemented in Nuendo with events envelopes that can be drawn with the pencil tool, but could be extended to a real automation control from the mixer faders and pots.

In the eventuality that we could see in the near future a fully object oriented event management (with dedicated EQ, effects and effect sends for each event a la Samplitude / Sequoia), writing automation data directly in the clip would be an interesting option for post work.

The older method could be kept for compatibility and to accommodate users learn curves / preferences, but proposing this newer method of recording automation data inside events could be interesting when dealing with project containing many clips and needing complex editing / large events import export.

The crossfades in this case should be extended to the events automation data.

Anyone to discus this suggestion ?

If this idea is implemented or patented in the near futur, please Yamaha send me a Nuage system, i like it :wink:

Count me on !
As far as I see it, the object oriented auto mode could be the missing part for a much more smarter way of premixing…

Traditional channel mixing would still be the best when it comes to globally mix (narration) the whole thing without having to stop every five secs…

But talking object eq or plugs by event would be great. Any dynamic / spectral / spatial process really…
Especially when nuendo already has a killer “process offline history” function.
Could be a solid basis for oo automation, but need to be pushed further of course.
And as far as nuendo can handle various clip channel formats on any track, why even bother with track format in the first place ??
It’s just needed for recording, that’s all.
The output (render?) format is the only thing that would count.
This way we could move different objects with different channels rt render on any track.
And still having a traditional mixer layer over this…
Sounds like a bunch of $ worth dev, I know…

But in the meantime, there are also room for improving and completing the channel automation in my opinion. So maybe let’s start with that.
Might be enough for music purposes, I don’t know, but for post mixing there still are some missing feats, like the “latch prime in stop” style or the “touch/latch” or more importantly the ability to punch out from latch without stopping or leaving auto mode (seriously ?)
I know it sounds like pt auto, but hey : those are the great stuff from pt auto, inspired by some great film consoles btw.
We miss things like that, the rest of it, nuendo already has :wink:

on the same matter.
Not the automation in Nuendo is so clumsy and time consuming. window window window…dot.dot.dot, striaght the angels. and once again… :cry:

look here:

It’s going to be the next big thing in all major DAWs, for sure.

I agree, but inside is not enough as that would make it impossible to mix with controllers…
But yes event based automation is truly the future.

A very big YES from me too, especially in dialog editing for movies this is a must have option.

Perhaps in Nuendo 7??