Writing Automation In C 9.5

Hi All,
Ok, what am I doing differently?
I’ve dragged a sample into Halion 5 and created a midi track to play it. I want to automate the cutoff filter as the sample is playing so I press “W” (write) in Halion, start the playback and advance the cutoff control knob to automate. After I’m finished, I deselect “W” and make sure “R” (read) is selected. When I play it back, there is no automation. I’ve done this hundreds of times without fail.
I even created a cutoff automation on that track and manually drew in the automation lines and still it does not work.
Am I missing something that I’ve done many times before?
Thanks for your thoughts.



Once you stop to write the automation, right-click to the track and click to the Show Used Automation (Selected Track). Is there any automation data written in the track?

Thanks for the post!
No. I tried that and there was nothing. That is where I also tried to manually write my own automation for the selected parameter and still didn’t work.


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Ok, but should I start in safe mode with my prefs connected or disconnected?


Disable the preferences for this testing, please.