Writing automation via keyboard modweel or knob does not work - what am I missing??

I want to write automation in Cubase 10 by using either modwheel or any of the knobs or faders on my midi Keyboard . When I activate the Write Button in Cubase and then play the track and move modwheel or the assigned knob/fader I do hear the desired effect (e.g. cutoff frequency changes) , however, no autonation data is actually written in the automation lane.

Writing Automation by either drawing directly into the Automation lane or moving the corresponding parameter in the software instrument via my mouse works just fine.

Do I miss any required Settings in Cubase?
I tried 2 different keyboards (NI KK MK1 S49 and Alesis Q25)

I would really appreciate any hint - this drives me nuts

I found the reason for the problem:
in MIDI menue go to (sorry, using German version of Cubase) Funktionen / CC-Automationseinstellungen

and in the new window change the Aufnahmeziel bei Konflikt Dropdown menue to Automationsspur