Writing automation with controller

Hi guys!
I’d like to know how to write automation when moving a knob through a midi controller?
I assigned a knob to a certain midi fader through the “midi learn” function of a synth. When I try to record automation onto the track via the ‘W’ button, nothing happens. The knob is actually moving but the automation is not getting recorded.
How can I fix that?

I use “VST Quick Controls”, check the details in the manual.

Works really well, you setup your remote control to send midi cc to the vst quick controls and for each instrument you create a mapping. Kind of the same when a plug-in has “midi learn” built.

Make sure the W is also enabled for the QCs on the track. In other words, W (Write) has to be enabled for both the track itself and the QCs. It should work. Generic Remote can be a bit tricky to setup at first but It works well.

UPDATE : I was told that the problem may only occur with VST2 instruments. I installed VST3 ones just to check and it seems to be true… I guess until the problem is solved I should harass plugin developers to update to vst3…

Your icon is so cute… nnhhghh…

Anyway, I guess you could record the midi data itself?

Thanks! :wink:
Yeah But I prefer having real automation that midi data. It’s easier to edit imo.