Writing Automation with Quick controls

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I am trying to write automation using quick controls but cubase isn’t writing to the track. The quick control is working and my control is moving the required parameter and if I move the value with the mouse it writes but it won’t write the data from the quick control. I have been all day trying to figure this out. I am trying to record cc11 with no success.

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Is the track in the Wire mode? Which Quick Controls exactly do you use, please (Track, Instrument or Focus Quick Controls)?

I set it up in the VST quick controls. I am unsure what wire mode is but the control appears in the focus and track quick controls . It works in every window and modulates the desired control but won’t record the information.

Martin meant “Write” mode.

If you’re unfamiliar with how automation works, here’s the chapter in the manual:

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I am familiar with this I am having trouble getting the quick control data to write to the track which it isn’t when W is active . that’s the problem.


Is the Write enable in the Quick Control section? What kind of Quick Control type do you use?

I am using Opus Forbidden Planet. I set quick control 1 at the top of the plugin to CC11 using a Fader on my Nektar impact LX61+ and it controls the parameter just fine and I can see it working in the track quick controls in the inspector but it won’t record the cc11 data or write it as Automation. I have however set QC3 to the filter control (Which is controlled by CC11) and that wrote to an Automation lane. But I still need CC11 to write to Automation or the CC lanes of the track and It’s not doing this for some reason. I need control over CC11 for expression.

Yes that is with (W) active in the track and the plugin and the quick controls which are also active.


These are Focus Quick Controls.

Quick Controls don’t record the MIDI CCs, they write the Quick Control itself (in the case of Track Quick Controls) or the linked parameter directly.

So How do I record to the track what I am doing with the control?

You do it this way:

You can’t use Quick Controls to record MIDI CC (that would display on a CC lane inside the MIDI Part).
Quick Controls will record Automation Data (that displays in an Automation Lane).

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I already tried that and it’s not recording the information to the CC11 Expression lane for some reason

Is there a way to record MIDICC with a controller?


You can record MIDI CC to the MIDI or the Instrument tracks.


Automation data have not been recorded, they are written.

Automation data have been written to the automation tracks, not to the Expression lane (or MIDI CC lane).

I have tried this but the Midi doesn’t record. I can write manually into the Expression lane and I can get the controls to work the Instrument but it doesn’t record what I am doing to the CC11 lane. I have gotten around this in the past be sending Expression to the Mod wheel but that’s not really a solution as it means I am controlling the Modulation and expression simultaneously.


Probably because this MIDI message is blocked by the Track Quick Control, you set up.

Just to be sure:

You do NOT press RECORD to write automation (like for instance in Ableton)

You must activate “W” and then press PLAY to write automation by moving controlls in Cubase (which by the way I find a much better solution than using record mode).

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