Writing Automation with Sliders

Hi everyone,
I have been using Cubase 7.5 since its release and just upgraded to Cubase 9 today. I’m having an issue I’d never previously experienced and I don’t know if there’s a setting I can’t find or what…?

When I try to use an external controller (Mackie MCU pro) to write automation to a track’s volume, Cubase 9 seems to just kind of generalize where the fades are and discards the details. When it’s writing, you can see a whole lot of handles being produced on the line, but as soon as the control slider is released, all of the finer details of what I wrote go away and are just sorta averaged out into only a few points. For example, if I were to record a well-rounded bell curve, once I release the slider it turns into more like a pyramid or few-sided polygon.

I realize that it will simplify it to some degree, but how it is right now is very noticeably writing in lesser detail than Cubase 7.5, or even 4 or SX. Surely there’s got to be some setting with this, small details in the slider can often matter greatly and I can’t imagine that they would keep a version that would diminish that flexibility.

I hope I’m explaining this well enough, I’m finding it difficult to describe my issue. Thanks in advance to anyone who has any advice for me on this.


If you open the Automation Panel and click on the cog icon at the bottom left corner, there is a setting called ‘Reduction Level’. You can change this setting to allow your automation to be recorded in more detail.

Aha, I was wondering where that was the other day - thanks!

Project->AutomationPanel to show the panel btw. The value seems to be in percent, or at least goes from 0 to 100. But, I notice that even on 0 it still removes some of the automation points.