Writing automation with VCA nightmare

here is the problem…
say I have several tracks assigned to one VCA
the automation is written both on the VCA and one each track (as I want to change the balance between them along the time).
the problem is when I write automation on the track, it catch and write the “resulting” volume of VCA and track as my track volume… (where the fader is)… but It’s wrong. Say my VCA is -10dB and the automation one the track is at 0dB… so the fader on my euphonix is at -10db on the track. If I begin writing automation on the track, it writes it at -10dB and then, as soon as I release the fader, it jumps 10db under what I wrote as it adds it to the VCA and then at -20dB … :frowning:

so the solution will be that cubase is aware of the offset of the fader due to VCA automation and then write my track automation 10dB upper (the oposite of the VCA volume, 10db increase if vca is -10db, 6 db down if vca is +6) of what the controller sends to cubase. But that is not the case for now :frowning:

so it’s almost useless :cry: :unamused:

Yes, I can confirm this, and I agree, it doesn’t get what we expect.

In fact even the audible Volume is wrong during the writing, because you can hear the Volume without the VCA. The VCA will be applied immediately during the next playback, but this is already to late.

waw, even more bad than what I thought…
I hope this will be fixed in the next update, as it is now, It make no sense… :cry: :unamused:

Yes there’s definitely a serious problem when it comes to writing automation with VCA’s. Surely this wasn’t the intended functionality. It was discussed previously in this thread:

Hopefully it will be fixed some time soon.