writing beats above rests


sometimes I have to work with actors who can’t read music. It helps them a lot if I write the beats above the notes and rests.
The problem is the placement of my ‘written beats’ above rests.
If I choose ‘text input’, it’s a lot of work to always place them properly above the rests, if I choose ‘lyrics input’, I can’t write ‘written beats’ above any rest, if I choose ‘chord input’ and I write a ‘1’, Dorico writes ‘C’…

Is there a way to do what I’m searching for?


Not exactly what you are looking for, but how about split beaming at beats, with beams over rests? This way you can group together notes (and rests) of the same beat, which should help your actors.

You can input lyrics at any rhythmic position if you activate the caret first, and position the caret where you want the lyric. It doesn’t advance automatically, so you would need to show the caret for each beat - but if I’ve understood correctly and you want “1 2 3 4” over each bar, you can just do it for the first bar (with the lyrics at the correct rhythmic positions), then you can copy and paste those 4 lyrics to all necessary bars; they should be automatically positioned correctly, as they’ll each be attached to the corresponding beat in the bar.

Hey Lillie
thanx - that’s quite a good workaround. It becomes time-consuming if you need more than always ‘1 2 3 4’, but for easy copy and paste requirements, it works perfectly.
Thanx again :slight_smile: