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I’ve been using Cubase(Cubase 7 now) for a while now and was wondering what I’m missing(I’ve read the manual many times but usually like looking in the fridge with the thing you can;t find staring you in the face).
I use cc11 and cc1 a lot and haven;t been able to figure out how to re record cc data on a track so it just overwrites the old data,I get the two fighting and end up doing this roundabout extract cc /info /delete and re record it .
If I use quick Controls I can overwrite musing the mouse to control the QC but if I try it using my faders I still get the conflicting cc data.
I’m assuming there’s a setting or preference I’m missing but I’ve tried all record mode combinations and figure it out.
Also wondering if there;s a way in Cubase 7 to copy a QC template to other tracks so I don;t have to do manually for all the tracks in my template.

thanks in advance,


anyone? I know it’s probably right in front of me but would appreciate any help .


Maybe because we don’t have a clear picture of what you are trying to do?
Are you, for example, having recorded both CC#11 and CC#1, wanting to replace CC#1 while retaining the recording of CC#11?
If that is the case, then your “workaround” is more-or-less the way to do it. But if you are removing the original CC#1 via the Logical Editor, it shouldn’t be too painful…
Prepare a Logical Editor preset, to delete CC#1 between L and R Locators. (and if you leave the Logical Editor window open, you can easily change the CC#1 into CC#11, to delete CC#11 while retaining CC#1 :wink: )
As for your 2nd question, there is no way to copy just the QC settings, unfortunately.

hi Vic,

Thanks once again for your help. i guess what I’m wondering is if there;s a mode where I can just overdub for example the cc11 without having to delete the existing cc11 info first. would it be possible to make a key command or macro to delete cc11 info for the selected track?

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Doesn’t mean it doesnt work :slight_smile:

In fact, there is a way which works nicely (I didn’t suggest it before, because I, mistakenly, thought it would replace all controllers)…

  1. In Preferences>Record>MIDI, set “Replace Recording in Editors” to “Controller”.
  2. On the Transport Bar, (at bottom left), set the MIDI Record Mode to “Replace”.
  3. Keep the MIDI Editor open while re-recording.
    It does replace just the controller that you move :slight_smile:.

thanks! I’ll give it a try!

appreciate your help Vic!!