Writing CD in WaveLab Elements 8

Elements 8 freezes up when I try to write a CD. The whole computer slows down, the mouse moves slowly, and I cannot even get to windows task manager to shut the program down. The writing process starts and runs for 12 to 14 seconds, then everything stops. Please see the attachment for the settings I am using.
Burning CD.GIF

Did you try burning at a lower speed?
What is your computer hardware?

I did try burning at a lower speed. Intel Core i7-3770K; CPU 3.50GHz; 16 GB RAM; Windows 7 64 bit

Maybe this is an installation problem. I advise to download “Driver_Installer_x86_x64.exe”
from this page:

and run it.

Thank you. Will try this when I get home.

I tried it but it still freezes. Is there anything about licensing or registration that I might be missing, or would it work without all that?

At this stage, this is certainly a conflict with another installed software. Do you have other CD burning softwares? If yes, try uninstalling them.

Hi’ :ugeek: this is a burner problem;you will need to change it; some burner have a `chip set that cause this.

:nerd:I reported this year’s ago, well to the tech dept by e-mail. the burner can be made by the same company;look just like it but don’t have that chip set. look for a dif’er model number .I guest we need a post call all burner are not equal; some can’t burn some format correctly or not at all so check for type of format it can run made be helpful .I just switch model no:of same brand . work’s great now.

I HOPE YOU GET A GOOD ONE. it can happen with external as well :wink: .

:sunglasses: remember they all use this chip set in some of there product’s lines, so don’t think that one company is better if you get one whit that chip set it won’t work correctly whit programs like wave lab and more/can efex installations of some programs an etc;s.

Have Fun not Problem’s
no matter what we make it will always take a artist to bring it to life

Popajoe :mrgreen:

Thanks popajoe. I shuttered at the thought of having to buy and install another burner. Then it occurred to me that I already have a second burner in the computer. I fired it up an voila! Thank you so much! :smiley: