Writing drums issue.


Right now I have one 4th bass starting on one and then ona snaredrum starting on three. The program wants to insert a half bar rest before the snare. I don’t want that. I don’t want any rests at all there. How do I remove them? I’ve tried “remove rests”.

/ Marc

Unfortunately you cannot use Edit > Remove Rests with rests on percussion staves, I’m afraid, due to some technical restrictions on the way the special condensed drum staves work. But you should find that you can get the result you want by choosing the notes before which you don’t want rests to appear and choosing Edit > Percussion > Change Voice and then choosing either Extra Up-stem Voice or Extra Down-stem Voice as appropriate.

Thanks! That did it.

Another one:

Is it possible to change the beat measure of the tempo? I want 190 in eights, but i can’t seem to solve that one by myself… There’s a beat box there but i can’t reach it.

That beat field has never been accessible for us users… It will obviously work for that, when the devs have finished their work on that part. For the time being, I would suggest re-writing the tempo marking (e=190) or (5=190)