Writing dynamics in divisi

Hi everyone!

I am on a piece with a lot of divisi moments for the strings. One thing I have not found out yet: do I have to add the dynamics of a passage for ALL divisi staves of e.g. the First Violins (in galley mode) or is it enough to write it for only the main stave?
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All the staves should have the indications. This is especially needed if you will be condensing the divisi.

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Thanks, Mark! I will absolutely condense the divisi in the score, so I´ll add the dynamic markings to all the staves.
And I suppose it will also be important to link them in order to have them condensed correctly? There´s a correlation between linking and condensing dynamics, isn´t there?


Linking dynamics is optional for condensing. They only have to match exactly.

Good to know, thanks!