Writing for lever harp

The way Dorico handles pedal harps is really impressive, keeping track of the pedals, creating pedal diagrams, warning about notes that are not accessible with the current pedal configuration. However, I often write for lever harp. I’m tempted to ask for the same level of support for lever harps (keeping track of levers and lever switches), but I imagine it would require a lot of work and might not be a priority for a while. In the meantime, is there a way to turn off the pedal harp functionality so that I don’t get warnings related to pedal configurations when I’m writing for lever harp?

For that I would use a Piano instrument and change the sound to Harp manually. (One disadvantage of that is that glissandos play chromatically.)

I’m curious about the details of lever harp notation. I have arranged a bit for a friend playing lever harp, but I haven’t seen published scores, so I was making up the notation for changes.

That’s not a bad idea, thanks. For lever changes, there was a good pdf on the topic shared here:

Personally, I prefer the diamond notation.

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