Writing lyrics In C6 ( Not in score)

is it Possible to write lyrics following the tempo / song Time Line ??, Not in score … is that possible in C 6 … didnt find it in the PDF files…

Good post! I haven’t found a way to do this…but I sure wish it was possible. After all, this is one of the basic tenets of today’s music making: writing songs. Enough already with the beats, the mangling, the synthy sounds, the FX, the twists and turns. How about more focus on developing a great software program for song composition. Rant over.

Aloha guys,

You can enter ‘Text’ Events’ as part of the MIDI protocol.

When entered at the correct point along the timeline,
they (lyrics) will follow the sequence.

I don’t use them much (and I may be wrong on this )
but I believe Karaoke (.kar) files work in a similar


yes u read my mind , more on basic essentials now , concentration on making it all easy and simple , band in a box type song making , easy routing mixer like virtual cables behind the mixer, a real vocal harmonizer, lyrics lanes , @least getting down a basic song concept instantly, without complex configuring s , advanced edits later, ofcourse i do admire C6 but strengthening the basics would benefit every artist , to concentrate on the song writing rather than technical details…as it is half ur life gets consumed in catching up with technicalities … good luck sam
Edit: should have been in the new topic , but its relative…

I did that in Cakewalk, years ago and was so simple. Just adding a new “words track” with the melody on, and each syllable under the corresponding note. I will defintely try it in Cubase (not needing it 'till now) if it is possible.