Writing rips for horn

I´m writing a piece for solo french horn, and I want to write a rip. It´s not listed in the articulation site in Dorico 4. And the manual doesn´t give a satisfying answer. Can it be done, at all?

What’s a rip?

If you know the start and end notes, you could use a glissando line?

If you only know one or the other, you could use jazz articulations?

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There are couple of “lifts” in the jazz articulation panel:

The length of both styles is editable in Engrave too.

Yes, thanks @FredGUnn , I´ve seen them, and that comes close. I would have to write “rip” underneath, and that certainly can be done, even though I´d like it better if Dorico had an option for that. But I guess will will make do.

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Right, @Lillie_Harris
I considered that, but thought maybe there is a specialist option?!

@MarcLarcher a rip is like a rake on the guitar. It´s a series of several very fast notes that lead to an actual note as an embellishment.

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Wouldn’t this be written with acciaccature (grace notes)?

Not as far as I know. I learned that it should be written like @Lillie_Harris and @FredGUnn suggested, with a wiggly line and rip underneath. But scrolling through the jazz articulations I wonder if “lift” wouldn´t do the job?! But I suspect it may be a shake?

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As an ex-horn player, for horn rips I would prefer to see the first example by FredGUnn above. In the finale of Firebird, Stravinsky uses grace notes for the same purpose.

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Great, thank you for this confirmation @Stephen_Taylor !!!