Writing tuplets

Hey there!
I’ve a really simple question: how can I add, for example, a 12:8 tuplet in Dorico? What I’m doing right now is clicking on the left-screen side button “tuplets”—Write mode—but it only places me a triplet of silences.


I find it easier to use the popover for this (but keep forgetting to turn it off at the end :blush: )
I chose the sixteenth-note icon for sixteenth-note tuplets, but you can substitute the note-value you want for the tuplet.

I found tuplets very confusing to add at first. I haven’t really been using the popover yet as I tend to “sink my teeth in” with the mouse first, then learn shortcuts.

What I’ve been doing:
Select a rest > Double-click it to view the carrot > select a note duration > click the tuplet button.

What I was trying to do:
Select a note duration > click tuplet > click to add to the score.

Needless to say, the popover may be simpler, but hopefully that helps shed light on this if anyone else finds it a bit confusing.


Thank you both Derrek and scoredfilms! Anyway, I’m pressing Shift+; in my Spanish-translated Dorico but it happens nothing. I also searched for any other keyboard shortcut—maybe there’s another way to enable the popover while having Dorico in Spanish—but i found nothing. In the tuplet button description it only says what it does, not the keyboard shortcut—as usually, shown in a blue typeface.
Captura de pantalla 2017-01-03 a les 2.14.29.png

shift+; is for the english keyboard
the tuplets popover for example apears on the “ç” key on the portuguese keyboard

you need to go to dorico menu -> preferences and see what is the kwy command that is assinged to it on the spanish keyboard layout.

Other option is Menu Help-> key commands

Wow, thanks, rmatosinhos! Didn’t realized there existed this help page.
Anyway, I couldn’t find the propper key command. Maybe it’s written in a different way as in Dorico’s interface—“Grupos de valoración especial” as “tuplets”, for example, doesn’t appear anywhere.

Hi Albert

The trick (currently on an English keyboard, at any rate) using Derrek’s helpful diagram above as a reference:

Press the shift key first, release it, then quickly type the semicolon. It is not single keystroke with a modifier e.g. Shift semicolon; rather it is two discreet keystrokes; Shift, then semicolon.

  • as Derrek alludes to - don’t forget to toggle the tuplets back “off”… :wink:

Hope that helps!

I am mystified that there is no menu option or way to right-click the tuplet icon that would give you access to the popover options to change the tuplet. Perhaps Daniel or someone else at Steinberg knows what the Spanish-keyboard key-combo is to bring up the tuplet popover.

Wow… I’m impressed right now. The tuplet option in Spanish is written as “Grupos de valoración especial” in Dorico’s general interface, but written as “n-sillos” in the keyboard shortcut setup (see attached images).
The context menu for tuplets—using a Spanish–ISO keyboard—is activated pressing “ñ”, and disabled pressing “Shift+ñ”.
Well, thanks to all of you who helped me! :wink:


Captura de pantalla 2017-01-03 a les 2.14.29.png

Really glad you found the Spanish-keyboard shortcut.