Wrong audio exported

Hi all,
I’m experiencing a strange behaviour in Dorico 5. Let’s say I have a certain number of flows, each with a different video attached.
When I try to export audio from a flow, every time the audio of the score is mixed with the audio of the video attached to the FIRST Flow, no matter which Flow I try to export.
Is there a way to export audio from flow 1 mixed with audio of video 1, audio from Flow 2 mixed with audio of video 2, and so on?
Thank you

I’m afraid this is a current limitation of the audio export functionality, Andrea. You could first export the flow you want to export audio from as a separate project, open that project, and export audio from there – but you’ll have to do this separately for each flow with video. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Ok Daniel, thank you for your quick reply!
All the best.

:sweat_smile: and I thought, Dorico would export the viola part only…
btw., I like your little profile picture, Andrea!

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Nothing like that rush of your exact question having already been answered (even if it’s not the answer you hoped for)!

oh this is annoying. perhaps a fix for next version?