Wrong audio in clips

I’ve had this problem a few times now and it’s scary. The wrong audio will play in a clip. Just the odd clip. This has happened when I’ve tried to back up projects to another folder and re-open them. It’s as if Nuendo can’t identify the right piece of audio. In a complex project, the worry is that something like this might happen in a less exposed layer and not be immediately obvious. Is there a way to check if this has happened? And, if it does, what’s the fix?


I can think of two things.

Your source files have changed since you opened the project.
Or you adapted an offline process to these files -which would make the reside in the “Edit” folder, not in the audio folder-, and upon restoring the project you pointed to the wrong folder/files.


It’s definitely a problem related to processed files. It seems that when the archived project is opened, Nuendo confuses some files that are in the edits folder with those in the audio folder (or vice versa). I tried the “freeze edits” option in the archiving process (which removes the edits folder) and this has got around the problem. But why is there this issue? Should it not be possible to archive projects without freezing edits?

AFAIK, and I can be wrong, Freezed files can not be part of a backup.